ECOPSY Consulting moved to Sadovaya Plaza

10 October 2011
Knight Frank acted as a consultant in the subleasing deal between Baker & McKenzie and ECOPSY Consulting.

Knight Frank is pleased to announce the transaction closing – subleasing of office space in Class A Sadovaya Plaza located at Dolgorukovskaya Street, 7-9.

ECOPSY Consulting who is providing HR consultancy services leased the entire 3d floor in the building with the total area of 1 239 sqm. The sublease agreement with Baker & McKenzie stipulates the term of the lease of 4 years. The business centre has 15 floors and is situated at the intersection of Dolgorukovskaya Street and Sadovoe Ring. The property’s developer as well as its owner is an international company Enka.

Nikola Obajdin, Associate Director Offices Knight Frank:
“It took a while for ECOPSY Consulting to find what they really wanted as they had rather specific requirements in terms of office layout. Apart from conventional office space the company needed a training centre, too. Sadovaya Plaza happened to be an ideal proposition for them due to its perfect layout and quality of the building itself meaning less upfront investment is needed. Another benefit of the business centre is its location and a convenient access to Sadovoe Ring”.

Pavel Bezruchko, General Director, ECOPSY Consulting:
“Whilst working on the project Knight Frank demonstrated their superior knowledge of the market as well as high professionalism which finally led to our signing of the lease agreement for the class A office space in central Moscow. I would like to emphasize that Knight Frank’s team is highly professional and adheres to the highest standards of service, being at the same time highly client orientated and responsive to any special requests made by the Client.”

Sadovaya Plaza is located at the intersection of Dolgorukovskaya Street and Sadovoe Ring. The property total area is 19 300 sqm. Enka, a Turkish company, which is the project’s developer, completed the building in 2002. The property rentable area is about 12 000 sqm. A professional property management company that belongs to Enka is managing the building. The property features surface and underground parking with the ratio of 1 car space per 180 sqm.

Baker & McKenzie

Baker & McKenzie is one of the oldest international law firms having been founded in 1949. At the moment the company employs 3 760 people with its offices present in 69 countries around the world. Baker & McKenzie is one of the few international companies that launched its activities in Russia as early as 1989. More than 120 lawyers are working in the company’s both Russian offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. In 20 years’ time Baker & McKenzie has established its reputation in Russia as an experienced and reliable legal consultancy.

ECOPSY Consulting

ECOPSY Consulting is a number 1 company in HR consulting in Russia (as per Expert and Commersant Money magazines’ estimates, 2011).

ECOPSY Consulting offers consulting services in organizational efficiency as well as those related to HR management (such as appraisals, training, human development and business research). Since 1989 the number of ECOPSY’s clients has totaled to over 700 companies in various industries in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. More than 150 members of its staff are using their knowledge and experience, offering creative solutions to increase their clients’ efficiency through the use of their human resources, applying management and organizational improvement.