Knight Frank is pleased to announce an opening of a unique built-to-suit warehouse for Uhrenholt as a part of PNK-Chekhov warehouse complex.

21 September 2011
A unique multi temperature warehouse has been unveiled on September 13 constructed by a Russian developer PNK Group specifically for a Danish company Uhrenholt.

Uhrenholt Terminal is the first ever multi temperature warehouse in Russia that satisfies European standards. Its area is 13 000 sq m (13 000 pallets) while the capacity is 150 000 tons/year. This unique project was constructed by PNK Group just in 7 months.

Knight Frank acted as a consultant in this transaction.

A number of breakthrough technologies for the Russian market has been applied in the course of construction that in turn originated from the best western know-how in refrigerating industry adapted specifically to Russian climate conditions. For instance, one of such innovations is an electric heating of the ground under the property. The warehouse itself has 3 temperature zones: -25°C, 0…+5°С and +15°С which makes it feasible to store over 2 000 product varieties.

The property’s environmental impact is minimal as a non-toxic non-flammable gas (R057 freon) is being used which does not affect the ozone layer.

Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark participated in an opening ceremony during his official visit to Russia with Jorn Pedersen, Uhrenholt’s general director present as well.

Viacheslav Kholopov, Director of Industrial, Warehouse and Land Department, Knight Frank Russia and CIS: «The fact that it is a built-to-suit property makes the project stand out: there are 4 temperature regimes for each zone. The zones themselves are in turn defined according to the specific criteria. These features limit the property’s suitability for other tenants. As a rule, such projects are usually built-to-suit with the further sale to an end user. However, in this particular instance, the developer (PNK) as well the tenant (Uhrenholt) managed to establish a long-term cooperation with the completed property leased on a long term basis rather than sold which means a very high level of trust between the parties».

Oleg Mamaev, Executive Director, PNK-Group: «We are grateful to Uhrenholt for their trust. As we are fully aware of the company’s high standards we strived to create an infrastructure that would correspond to this level. We hope that a successful experience of Uhrenholt Logistics will serve as a positive signal to other European leaders in different industries motivating them to enter the Russian market».